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Chocolate Clan Labradors

To know one is to love one

Photo Gallery

2021 Litter Day 23 2021 Litter Day 23 Good morning Pups 206460866 Breakfast 206460864 Breakfast in bed 206460863 Eyes wide open, still hazy 206460869 Hope checks in 206460865 Tall pups catch a nipple 206460883 Pups looking confused 206460868 Pups looking confused Nursery transformation begins 206460867 Pups in crate Safe in the hallway as nursery takes shape 206460871 Pups in crate 206460872 Hope supervises 206460875 First look 206460874 Add the second crate 206460873 Baby-gate secure 206460881 Pups released Hope checks that all are okay 206460876 Hope consoles 206460878 Hope consoles 206460879 A content pup 206460877 Investigator 206460880 Pups worked up an appetite 206460870 Pups worked up an appetite 206460882