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Day 46: Puppies Wellness Visit

The puppies got their first shots today.  This shot was for distemper, hepatitis (Cav-2), Parainfluenza, and Parvovirus.  Purple and Pink girl weighed 5.2 kg (11.4 lb). Magenta laid stiller so we weighed her at 5.24 kg (11.5 lb).  Little Green weighed 5.44 kg (12.0 lb). Red Girl weighed 5.8 kg (12.9 lb). Blue Boy weighed 5.84 kg (12.9 lb).  And last but by no means least Big Green weighed in at 6.5 kg (14.3 lb).  All their hearts and breathing sounded normal, their heartrates and temperatures were normal, and they were just generally a very healthy lot of puppies.  As well they all took their shots very nicely, with no squirming or screaming.  Much better than getting them into their kennels and on the car ride.  We are going to try a car ride again tomorrow, and get them used to the noises and motion.  Because before we know it they will be going to their forever homes, that will involve some pretty long trips for some of them.

Besides Wellness visits, we have also expanded the puppies world so they have access to the hallway and kitchen as well as their bedroom den.  We still confine them to the bedroom for night-time.  But with the expansion are now moving their feeding area to the kitchen.  And now we have access to the back door, so have been trying to get them outside three or four times a day.  Outside potty training seems to work best right after they wake up from their naptimes.  They are very good at going outside, and a few have even mastered going up the steps, although they seem only to be able to manage the last couple of steps off the lower deck area on the way down.  They are really doing well.

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