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How the Deposit works:

  • Deposits determine pick order based on the date the deposit is received.

  • Deposits are requested once the application is received, references checked, and approved.

  • Deposits are set based on the price of the pups that depends on the stud fee and are Non-Refundable unless a pup is not available due to death, illness, or other unforeseen mishap. In that case, the deposit is refundable in whole (except for bank or Paypal charges).

  • Puppy visitations are encouraged starting at 4 weeks. 

  • Starting at 4 weeks, we encourage people to select their preference for pups. Pups are denoted by color so you can watch them grow via pictures on the website under Photos, videos were posted on YouTube or our Chocolate Clan Facebook page, that is by invitation only to join. 

  • Starting at 5 weeks we ask our families to pick their 1st, 2nd, and 3rd choices. By 6 weeks we ask families to finalize their choices. If you have not picked by 6 weeks (plus days to give everyone a chance ie 24 hrs), you may forfeit your pick order and fall to the bottom of the pick line. In that case, those behind that have made their pick options move up. Once pups are picked, payment in full via cash, certified cheque, e-transfer, or Paypal (Paypal is 3% extra) is required to ensure your pick. This payment is refundable (less banking and Paypal fees) if for some reason the pup picked is not available due to death, illness, or some unforeseen mishap.

  • The earliest we allow pups to go to forever homes is 8 weeks (all pups must be picked up by 10 weeks unless arrangements have been made with us for later pick-up; for example pups must be 12 weeks old to fly by Air Canada).

  • We will work with those who are outside Alberta to transport pups to other locations. In the past we have flown pups as far away as Newfoundland. There may be additional restrictions on transport so it is up to the purchaser to check before purchase. We will transport pups to either Calgary, Edmonton or Red Deer airports. It is the responsibility of the purchaser to provide solid housing (crate) and pay for all flights and health checks.

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