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In 2023 Abbey had her hips and elbows evaluated by the OFA. Like Hope, her hips were rated as excellent and elbows as normal.  Like Hope, we had genetic tests done by Paw Print Genetics. This testing was our first time doing a slate of tests with one company. Both Abbey and Hope are normal or non-carrier for EIC, CNM, and the dilute gene (D/D). To be considered a CHIC classification, Labrador Retrievers must be normal for elbows, have a clear CERF (eye exam by a canine ophthalmologist), fair or better hips (non-dysplastia), not carry the dilute locus, and be non-carriers for EIC and CNM. Hope is a CHIC dog. We have not had an eye exam done yet for Abbey.

Hope and Abbey are carriers for adult on-set blindness (PRCD-PRA). So neither or their off-spring will develop this trait so long as the sire is not a carrier. They do not carry PRA, Cone-Rod Dystrophy 4 nor PRA-Golden Retriever 2. Hope and Abbey are normal or clear for degenerative myelopathy, hereditary nasal parakeratosis, retinal dysplasia/oculoskeletal dysplasia 1, skeletal dysplasia 2,cystinuria, elliptocytosis, hyperuricosuria, narcolepsy, and pyruvate kinase deficiency. Must admit, really not familiar with most of these diseases so that is a good thing, however, they come in the test packages.

Maggie had her eyes checked first in November, 2012. We have had Maggie's eye rechecked in 2016, 2017 and 2019 and she continues to get a clear bill of eye health. We started the rest of the process in January 2013 with EIC, and narcolepsy. We continued with CNM, hips, and elbows once she was two. Maggie is normal for canine narcolepsy (No 198647-1 HealthGene). She is not an EIC carrier (as expected based on her parentage) and now official testing by the University of Minnnesota Ac. No. D13-003887. She is not a carrier for CNM as expected based on her parentage and now official testing by the Alfort School of Veterinary Medicine (LR-CNM13-263-F-PIV). Her elbows are normal (OFA rating LR-EL60054F-29-VPI). We had her hips rated by PennHIP as it gives a good indication of laxity and distraction (looseness and angles). Her hips were rated in the 90th percentile for laxity (ie better than 90 percent of other Labrador retrievers tested), with the left having a distraction index of 0.30 and the right of 0.32 (with risk of degenerative joint disease increasing as the rating increases especially when 0.7 or above). So Maggie is genetically and physically sound and made an excellent dam. Because we tested regularly for CERF, we never tested Maggie for PRA. However based on her daughters, she must be a carrier.

Koko and Kassey both had their hips and eyes checked. Koko's OFA hip rating was Fair. Kassey's OFA hip rating was Good. Both Koko and Kassey had their eyes checked by an opthomologist recognized by the Canadian Canine Opthamology Association and both were found to be clear of any retinal problems. Both girls had their patellas (knees) checked and were found to be normal. Kassey's OFA rating for elbows was normal.

Kassey had her DNA checked for both EIC and CNM. She was cleared for both diseases which means she was not a carrier. Her accession number for EIC is D10-030656. Her CNM registration number is LR-CNM10-491-F-PIV.

Koko and Kassey had their eyes checked in 2010 by a CERF certified opthamologist. Both were classified as Normal. Koko had some small cataracts developing that was normal for a senior dog, and Dr. Skorobohach did not feel they would ever develop into something that would affect Koko's sight. Kassey's eyes were described as beautiful.

For test results check out the links under our links page.

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