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Hope (grandaughter) at 21 months, Kassey (grandmother) at 15 years 2 months, Maggie (daughter) at 8 years 5 months

MAGGIE (daughter at 21 months), KOKO (grandmother at 13 yr 8 months) and KASSEY (mother at 8 yr 6 months)

Photographs courtsey of Painted Light Photography

Our Chocolate Family

Koko was the the one who started our love of chocolate labs. She was the smartest dog ever! Sadly she is no longer with us.

Kassey continued our love of chocolate labs. She is still the sweetest dog ever! She is now the ancient one in the family, and reminds us that our time here is short.

Maggie what can we say about you? Well for awhile we thought you were our own "Marley" dog. But you have calmed down so much we are not sure what to say about you anymore. You sure are a great momma dog!

When Maggie's sister Grace was returned to us because the family were not able to cope with her torn ACLs, we found that here was another girl to fall in love with. So our family of three continued with Grace. Grace is crazy, intense, fast, funny and she has the best tail ever for knocking everything off tables! Her love affair with balls continues unabated.

And now we have a new girls, Hope and Abbey. Hard to believe that Hope is about to be our new Mom in 2021.

Koko (8 yrs 6 months) and Kassey (3 yrs 5 months)

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