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Our Girls' Personalities

The Girls are part of our familiy.

Koko was to be a bird dog. But at three months she was scared by fireworks going off at a beach party. Thereafter she was scared of loud sounds, especially explosions. Not too good in a hunting dog but taught us that you have to be very careful during those early months in conditioning your new pup. Koko could find balls, kongs, toys, and about anything else you would like her to find, and at one time had a volcabulary of over 50 words. As she aged her hearing faded, and there were not too many sounds anymore to scare her.

Kassey loved hunting for anything from balls to birds. She had a very keen nose, and had a knack of finding dead things--especially gophers and voles. She could dig up a dead rodent buried under a foot of snow and dirt. She loved to swim and when you saw her going through snow it is like she was swimming on land. Her Granddaughter Hope is just the same. In 2015, as part of her 4H program, our daughter successfully ran Kassey through the CKC Canine Good Neighbour test.

We have ensured that all our adult girls were taken to training schools in their early years. Our girls have all the instincts for hunting and retrieving that make Labrador Retrievers such good sporting and detection dogs. They also have the intelligence and gentleness that make Labrador Retrievers good companion dogs for families and persons with special needs.

We continued to train with Maggie, Grace and now Hope and Abbey. Maggie had puppy and adult obedience, did flyball and got her first scent in scent detection. Grace has introductory adult obedience. Hope did puppy obedience and then we sent her for 3 months of retriever training. Maggie and Grace both spent a year in Canine 4H with Sarah.


What else can we say about these girls. They are intelligent. They are fast. They have the best tails ever for clearing off the coffee table. They love walks, water, snow, their family (canine and human). They are willing to play with other dogs. Maggie can retrieve but she was willing to drop things for her Mom to return, and her daughter Hope is just the same. Grace is obsessed with catch and can spend hours watching a toy she has dropped in hopes that someone will toss it for her. They are beautiful to watch and easy to love.

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