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Puppy Needs

What you will get with your pup:

We mark each puppy at birth by painting a paw with nail polish. Later they with have their own unique collar. And they will be micro-chipped for permanent identification. We will monitor the growth and health of each puppy. We will post pictures of the puppies as they grow, so you will be able to watch them. We will open the nursery up for approved families between 4 and 6 weeks of age and to visitors after 6 weeks ( once they have received their vaccinations). We will socialize your puppy and expose him/her to different environments and objects. Your puppy will be ready to take home at 8 weeks of age, but we will keep them until 10 weeks if you need us to.

You will receive the following:

CKC registration ( puppy will be permanently ID'd with a microchip and we will give you a tattoo number to use at a later date if you wish)

Health guarantee (veterinarian checked, first set of shots, by genetics and health of parents). We will give a written guarantee on hips and elbows until the puppy is 26 months of age. we also guarantee them to be free of inheritable eye problems, canine collapse and CNM.

Deworming: Puppies will be dewormed at two week intervals starting at two weeks of age. Our adult dogs have also been dewormed at regular intervals to reduce retransmission potential.

Stuff: Puppy will come with a collar, food (1 weeks supply), and a blanket with littermates and dam's scents on it.

Training: Puppies will be crate trained for travel, training, and safety. As well, pups will be allowed outside regularly with the adult dogs, so they learn the basics of potty training. Pups will be socialized with young and old once they have their vaccinations.

We are here to answer questions. We will assist with rehoming your pup should you not be able to keep it forever.

What you will need to get for your pup:

Crate: This is a safe place to transport your puppy. It is also a safe place for puppy to sleep and to be when you are not at home or puppy has had enough! Please do not leave your puppy in the crate for more that three hours between breaks.

Leash: For control of your puppy. We will provide a collar but please remove it when crating your puppy

Puppy food: We will provide enough food for approximately one week. This will give you an opportunity to change foods if you want without diarrhea. Use a food designed for LARGE BREED puppies.

Bowls: Puppy will need sturdy bowls for food and fresh water. Puppy will drink lots of water, and will love to splash in it so make it a very sturdy bowl.

Veterinarian: Have puppy checked within 48 hrs of purchase. If puppy has any problems it may be returned for a full refund or exchanged for another puppy if available. Pupply will need a booster shot between 10 and 12 weeks. Please discuss the benefits of neutering or spaying your puppy with your Vet.

Toys: Puppy will chew ALOT. In the 4 to 6 month period puppy will be teething. Good chew toys can help to save your furniture, clothing, and shoes!

Grooming supplies: See Labrador Information. Puppy will not need much as Labradors are minimal care in the grooming department.

Exercise and training: You need to be committed to spending 15 to 60 minutes each day while your puppy is developing, to exercise and train him/her. In fact, you need to be able to commit up to one hour at least three times a week to take your adult dog for exercise. In the early years, taking your juvenile and adult dog to training classes (obedience, field, frisbee etc.) will give your Labrador something to do and Labradors love to have a job to do. As well, training in the early years will make your puppy a Labrador that everyone wants to be around.

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