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Okay I admit it.  I knew that I had not selected the sweetest puppy from our clan, Pink, because we already had Kassey, and she is just about as sweet a girl as anyone could hope for.  I waffled on the most dominant girl, Red,  as we already had one of those in Koko.  So, I thought we would select one of the middle of the pack girls, and when Purple girl was selected by one of our families that left us with Magenta.  SO WHY IS SHE SO CRAZY? Could it be because she got dropped on her head at six weeks?


This Girl can jump over tall buildings!  She can race circles around gazelles!  She can get to anything thrown first, but why does she drop it so her mom has to carry it back? She has a wonky ear!  Her eyes are staying golden and not turning brown!  She doesn't seem to be putting any weight on and she has been dewormed every month at least once!  AND why does she eat poop?


Nothing in our prior experience with Labrador Retrievers has quite prepared us for MAGGIE!




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