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2015 in review

Without puppies or major health issues, life can be pretty dull and boring with the clan.  We did start the year with a major concern around Kassey and her nose, but it has turned out to be nothing as a year later she is still okay.  Kassey has now entered the era of OLD GIRL.  Seems like only yesterday she was our puppy.  Now she is her mom, and we are giving her glucosamine and a daily dose of anti-inflamatory to help her joint mobility.  She still loves to go on walks. But with old age she is starting to have difficulty jumping into the car to go on walks, her eyes are starting to cloud over, and she is starting to bark at ghosts. In the fall, Kassey was an active participant in a first aid course for dogs, from "Walks 'N' Wags" Pet First Aid". We learnt that nylon stockings and baby socks can be important first aide tools to keep bandages in place and tails from wagging when hurt.

We were hoping to breed Maggie last fall, but she was so late in the season by the time she was in season, that we missed that opportunity. So we took the Adult Refresher Obedience course from Waggles Academy for Dogs. She did very good in most tasks, but it took three tries for her to do the three minute down without breaking (more than once).  But Shar was patient with us and we did finally do it.  This is great news, as now we can sign up for other types of classes such as massage and scent.  Nothing to much, as I am not able to be too active other than walking.

As for pups, well we will just try again this spring, God willing. 

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