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Almost ready to leave

Hard to believe that eight weeks ago we were taking Maggie to the vet because her contractions had produced no puppies.  Hard to believe that there were eight puppies and seven of them were boys!

How lucky we have been to find forever families for all them. And we hope families that are suited to the unique personalities of each and every puppy. Our family is not quite ready to let them go, so we are grateful that some of our forever families are not coming until next weekend.  And we have had some visitors over the past week just to keep them socialized.

How lucky we have been to have had such great weather to introduce the puppies to outside.  And even with the cold they seem to have taken to it like ducks to water.  Perhaps not as long of periods outside, but they are willing to give it a try.

Maggie started the weaning process this past week.  So the puppies always seem hungry now.  We were feeding 2 c a day to each puppy with lots left over for Mom to clean up.  Now the 2.5 c a day gets cleaned up in no time. While we have tried the individual feeding bowls, the puppies seem to like to rotate from bowl to bowl.  And some like to spill the bowls and eat off the floor.  Just an idea that spill proof bowls might come in handy for the first while.

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