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Day 10: Kassey's 2011 Litter

Long time breeders say every litter is different.  And Kassey's litter is much different than the litter she came from.  Perhaps it is because each of these puppies weighed in over 320 g, while in Koko's litter we had puppies ranging from 180 to 390 g.  In Koko's litter we had to ensure that the little ones got on the nipple first, and had to do some supplemental feeding.  Koko's litter started walking at 12 days and their eyes opened at 14 days.  The smallest did not walk until 14 days.  It seems all the pups in Kassey's litter are ready to walk already.  It will be interesting to see when their eyes open.  Should be any day now.  And with all these changes going on, I am sure they will soon be too big for their whelping pool.

But until then we are happy cuddling them all.

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