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Day 14: Kassey's 2011 Puppies

How the world has changed?  Never would have dreamed seven years ago that I would be blogging about puppies, let alone have set up a website solely for the purpose of letting the world know about our puppies.  And then who knew about adding PayPal option buttons to the whole thing.  So for the ease and use of those of you who are purchasing one of our puppies, I have set up some PayPal purchase options.  Please do not feel that you have to use these, as cash and cheques are still accepted.  If you DO want to use them and have any problems with them, please let me know at  PLEASE still fill out an application form as I need the information for registration of your puppy.

Puppy UPDATE:  All the puppies are walking.  All the puppies have opened up their eyes.  All the puppies have learned that if they stand just so, they can pee all on their own!  So as fast as Kassey is at trying to get them all cleaned up, they are starting to get ahead of her.

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