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Day 21: Kassey's 2011 Litter

Slowly our little clan is getting excited about the food tray.  Not sure how much they actually get into themselves, but they sure get lots on themselves and each other.  Not to worry, Kassey goes in and cleans them all off and eats up the left overs.

Some may be wondering why I am trying to introduce solid food so early, so I decided to check back on Koko's little clan.  At 20 days Koko's puppies weighed from 900 to 1530 g, while Kassey's little clan at 19 days weighs 1520 to over 2000 g.  (Yes that last weight is for BIG green.  As my scale only goes up to 2000, I am not quite sure just how heavy he is already.  No doubt that next week when I go to get their next round of dewormer, it will also mean taking at least BIG green in to be weighed.)  And the other little comparison is Koko's litter gained about 40 g per day, while Kassey's clan is gaining from 60 to 88 g per day (you know who is gaining at that astonishing rate).  So while I am trying to get as much food into Kassey as possible, there is only so much she can digest and convert into milk.  As these guys are growing so fast, I feel for Kassey's sake that the clan members need to start fending for themselves a bit.

It is good to look back though, as I was starting to be concerned for our little magenta girl.  She is considerable smaller than her brethern now, especially the Big guy.  But she is doing as good as any of Koko's litter did.  If we can get them onto solid food, perhaps she too will catch up.

And they are so cute now, even with food on their noses!

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