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Day 36: Kassey's 2011 Litter

It has been awhile since I weighed the puppies but let me tell you that even without a scale we can tell you they are getting very big!  Well at least compared to when they were newborns.

So here it is in weight order:

Coming in on top once again is Big Green at 4,760 g, followed by his little brother Blue Boy at 4,360 g.  And then surprisingly come Red Girl at 4,160 g.  The rest of the clan varies from 3,790 for Purple Girl to 3,850 for Little Green.  The other two girls are just a little more than Purple.  But probably Purple, Magenta and Pink all weigh the same, as it is hard to weigh a moving puppy I would give or take 50 g on these weights.

While Kassey was up t 67 lb during the last week of her pregnancy, these pupppies total weight is almost 60 lbs.  No wonder it looks like there is no room for them on Kassey anymore.

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