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Day 53: Vet Visit for Tattoos

"The best laid plans of mice and men go oft astray" R. Burns

Well our carefully explained plans for tattoos versus microchips went astray today.  Last evening, our little Magenta took a tumble from the up to the down stairs.  We have no idea what happened.  I just saw something fall and then saw the puppy bounce at the bottom of the stairs.  When I picked her up she was pretty limp, but by the time I got her upstairs again, she walked over to the puppy pile and promptly went to sleep.....needless to say we have put a barrier up between the puppy pile and the railing.....not sure where she got through but....not going take the chance with another puppy.....

And the rest of the story is that she did seem dazed but no obvious bone broken or bleeding, so we waited until this morning to take her to the vet for a check up while the rest of the clan was getting their tattoos.  The vet advised that Magenta should probably not have any anesthetic today, just incase.  While we could have waited and done Magenta at another time, I just thought why put any of the puppies through an anesthetic.   So they were all micro-chipped instead.

I will give all the new puppy owners the tattoo number that they can use on their puppy should they want to tattoo them at some later date.  The microchip number will be their identifier and can be used through the CKC once they are registered to find them should they become lost.

And Magenta is again part of the puppy pile and they all seem fine.  They eat, they sleep, they wake up and go outside for pees, poos and play.  And then they come back inside and sleep some more.   Occassionly one of the puppies breaks free of the pile and the routine and tries out something different.  Today it was Pink.  While her brother and sisters were outside playing, she came inside with Grandma and Mom, and sat patiently waiting with them for a cookie.  (Now this is a little more complex than just a cookie, as each of them has their own kind.)  Then she went and had a sleep.  When everyone came in for lunch, and they went to sleep, she was outside playing.  And Kassey being the Great MOM that she is, was outside playing with her and watching over her.  But there we go, the puppies are learning independence from one another, that will help them adjust to their forever homes.  And that is what this eighth week is about in puppy development.

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