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Endings and Beginnings

Wow, hard to believe it has been several months since Koko had her third operation for Mast cell cancer.  She is doing great for a Labrador who is almost 14 years old.  Oh, I know she is hard of hearing and cannot see very well anymore.  But her tail still goes up when she goes on walks.

Dave is taking Koko for her walks more often.  He just takes her around the block on leash, while I take Maggie and Kassey on long, off-leash walks.  Maggie is always wanting to play, and she tends to plow over anything in her way.  Kassey can still take it, but it is hard for Koko to get back up once Maggie blows her over.  And the snow is fairly deep in spots, and it is hard for Koko to leap through it like a deer.

Koko and Maggie went into the vet to give blood and start the genetic tests for breeding purposes.  I took Koko in as the OFA has a blood bank for canine research.  If there is anything in Koko's blood that helps researchers find a cure for Mast Cell cancer, that would be great.  As for Maggie, so far she has come back normal for Canine Narcolepsy.  We are still waiting for her CNM and EIC test results. 

And for Kassey we are trying to put a little weight on her prior to breeding.  She is in great shape for an eight year old.  Bustin' is off to South Carolina for some training, but Blindfaith's will have him back in time to get some semen sent to Canada.  We are starting to get excited about our next litter.

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