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Farewell 2014 Litter and Clan Updates

Wow, the pups have all been gone for two weeks already.  Hard to believe that all the planning and waiting and having them is over for this round.  It is the first time we have not had a little one left behind. With three dogs underfoot, it is good not to have the little one around, but it is also sad.  We so enjoyed them. From the first minutes at home when we were unsure of how Maggie was going to react. To those last minutes with Green in the house, running around, investigating, and discovering new things. 

We had our own adventures since the little ones left. The -30 weather was a little too much for Maggie's dangling teats and she got frost bite on them. So just as she was recovering from the mastitis, she got sore nipples from frost. And to add injury to insult, she ran into something on our walks and tore a hole open in her side.  Now we have been walking the same walk for almost 10 years and have had a few barb wire snags and tears, but this was a 3 cm tear down her right side. Dr. Peter decided to just let it heal on its own and gave us another week of anti-biotics for her. So after a week it is still open and we are still flushing it with saline solution, but it is on the mend.

Not to be left out of all the excitement, Grace decided to do the same thing last Monday.  Except that her tear was 7 cm long on her left shoulder.   That meant a rush trip to the Emergency Vet in Red Deer and surgery to repair the damage. She is doing well.  We think they were going into a culvert after rabbits. Unfortunately the culvert has some damage due to lawn mowers so there are a lot of jagged edges on the inside. So we are not going on that walk again. Grace has to be leash walked until the stiches are out next week anyway.

So, while we miss the little ones, the big ones have been keeping our lives busy.  Perhaps too much so!

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