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Four weeks ALREADY!!!!

Wow, has time flown since these guys and gal were born. Eyes are open and focussing. Ears are open and hearing. Legs are growing and walking. They can pee and poo on there own and everywhere! And they have teeth! Oh and they can scratch themselves now!

So for those who have not been around puppies much or have forgotten. Puppy teeth are very sharp.  And because they are still getting their molars, they are chewing everything.  I noticed last night that we had a cord hanging down for the light, so that quickly got moved out of mouth range. And one of the little fellows got a big bite on his neck that we were somewhat concerned about, but the vet said it was healing nicely and there was no infection, so not to worry.

Once again we are rearranging the nursery to accomodate a few visitors who don't mind getting their pant legs pulled, or perhaps stepping on something wet. But mostly it is just to increase the paper area to accomodate the new found skill of bathroom etiquite.

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