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Happy 15th Birthday Kassey

In June, Kassey turned 15.  It took us a lot to keep her going, as peeing and pooing in the house seems to be the norm.  Not too many people would put up with it, but we seem to be an exception.  She is doing great otherwise, except a little hard of hearing and cannot see too well. And she is on soft food now, and gets lot of different supplements and pills.  But what 90+ year old human doesn't do the same? She can still walk a mile with us, slowly, and sometimes she looses track of us and we have to go back and rescue her. But she is still eager to go.  She loves when we do ball toss at the lake, but seems to know that all she can do is splash at the edge now. If she started swimming I am not sure where she would end up...and probably take Hope with her wondering where they were off to.

Kassey got a bow to wear on her birthday.  Looking very lovely in it.

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