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Kassey's Pre-Natal Check-up

Well, what do you do when the x-ray machine breaks down?  You visit your local vet and get her advice on whether to take an x-ray or not. And while we could have taken an x-ray, she thought as long as Dr. Hubbard was confident there were five puppies, that should be enough for a healthy litter.  At best an x-ray is an approximation with the potential for one, maybe even two puppies to be hiding!

Kassey weighs in at 67 lb. That is right on track for her 13 lb weight gain over the course of her pregancy. So while she looks huge, Dr. Cindy assures me that it is all puppies.

The other good news is Dr. Cindy is on call Thursday night at the Emergency Animal Hospital so if there are any questions or concerns on Thursday evening, we will talk to her.  As well the Emergency Animal Hospital is associated with Cedarwood Vet Hospital so all Kassey's records are there. 

Kassey has started to lactate, but her temperature is still 100.4 F.  So until that drops, she is still a few days out from whelping. 


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