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Maggie's 5 & 6 Weeks

Well the time sure has flown the past couple of weeks.  Kassey came home from Red Deer Gun Dogs.  After greeting Koko, she ran to the whelping/puppy room to see what was happening.  There was Maggie in her kennel.  After checking that out, Kassey checked out the rest of the house to see if there were any puppies hiding.  This was with Maggie chasing her, as she had been released from her kennel.

Kassey did pretty well at the training centre.  Dave sure had her sitting pretty for retrieves.  I tried it a couple of times here, but with the distraction of Maggie and Koko, it just did not work.  However, the one time I took her out on her own was just fine.  So we will have to come up with a new routine, so we can reaffirm the training. However there is no rush, as for now we are going to try to put some fat back on her.  Her teats dried up while she was away, but she is just skin and bones.  If she was a greyhound or a boxer she would be just right, but for a Labrador she is kind of skinny.

Maggie continues to tear up everything she can get her teeth into.  I am beginning to realize just how special Koko was as a puppy.  I can't remember her eating anything, although she was very fond of stealing socks and running all over the house with them and stuffed toys were always defluffed by her, a habit that we did eventually break her of.  Kassey's specialty was the cords behind the couch, and we are lucky she did not electrocute herself. She still loves to steal shoes but only to carry them to the far ends of the house.  Maggie however loves to eat them.  No shoe has been left unscathed.  The shoe companies love puppies like MAGGIE.

So Maggie is having a great time playing with Kassey.  And for walks at the Lake there is actually someone to run around in circles with.  As well Maggie has already become a seasoned water dog, by following Kassey out into the lake, and through the deeper puddles. Her sit is becoming pretty firm, but like Kassey's is totally dependent upon how much competition there is for the cookie. The summer looks to be a time of bonding, for our clan and our family.   


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