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Maggie's First Week

Adjusting to a life with two adult dogs has left Maggie somewhat perplexed.  Especially as Mom has spent the whole week giving her muzzle shakes to stop her from nursing.

Maggie has also been a bit confused about where the right spot to go is.  She has been caught running between the back door and the nursery.  But last night she actually climbed over the baby gate on the nursery, ran down the hallway, into the backdoor hallway before she just could not hold it anymore.  Not too bad little girl, at least she was running in the right direction.  She has also been spending 3 to 4 hr at a time in her kennel without making any messes.  Very good little girl.

Feeding time is a bit of a challenge.  Maggie gets very excited when Koko's and Kassey's bowls get put down.  Koko let her know in no uncertain terms that there was no sharing out of her bowl, so Maggie stays back from that bowl.  Mom's bowl is not so lucky, and it is lucky to make it to the ground without Maggie knocking it over.  However that does give one time to set down her bowl and drag her over to it.  Why not do it the other way?  Well, Maggie eats so fast I think all three bowl would get knocked over.

But the most amazing change has overcome Koko.  She no longer sees this little puppy as a threat.  She will even share her pillow with Maggie.  And on walks you can even see them striding side by side. Mostly because neither of them can keep up with Kassey for too long.

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