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Maggie's Fourth Week

Maggie had a grand adventure during her fourth week.  She got to go on a sleepover.  So now she has a best friend, Daisy.  If you have happened to check out the Painted Light Photography website Blog, you will see a few pictures of Daisy.  They played so hard that Daisy's yowls were worn out by all the rough housing from Maggie's sharp little puppy teeth.  Maggie continues to grow by leaps and bounds, and I mean that literally as she seems to be all legs right now.  And is getting up on everything.  We have been a bit disappointed in her retrieving instinct.  She is a typical lab in the chewing, eating everything department, and seems to like to dig too.  However, her interest in thrown balls is to run after them, and then chew on them rather than bring them back.  Even Koko's best attempts to show Maggie how it is done elicit no "Now I get it" enlightenment in Maggie.  Will have to wait and see if it clicks in with age.

Koko got to spend her time at the Puppy Ranch.  This time was a first for us to use this facility.  I must admit it is always a bit stressful trying out a new place, but Koko was returned to us in prime condition.  She also got to meet some new dogs, that Hennie said she tolerated and let know when they had been in her space too long.  Got to love the old gal. 

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