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Maggie's Second Week

So to make Maggie's life easier, we dropped Kassey off at Red Deer Gun Dogs last Saturday.  Dave's slogan is "Better Dogs, Better Companions, and certainly Better Hunting Buddies".  I was sure he would phone me sometime in the past week to come pick Kassey up as she was just missing home too much. 

I know I sure missed her.  The house is incredibly quiet without her around.  It has made me realize that Koko has come to depend upon Kassey to tell her what is happening when it is a voice command or something to bark about.  And it has been an interesting dynamic watching Koko bonding with this new "dog" in her life.  She is just not quite sure what to do with her.  There are certainly a few "that's my food and don't you think you are going to get it" growls, but then just too few to worry about them.  And she is quite okay with sharing her pillow with this new addition.

Maggie had a lot of firsts at the lake this past week.  Last weekend the ice started breaking up....I will post some pictures under, The Lake album.  This weekend there were lots of puddles to wade through, not new, but being a bit more confident Maggie was attempting to cross them on her own.  With some pretty funny face plants into the water.  She would have just been a wet girl, but then we met the Lake's supreme dog, who with one lift of her mighty paw, had poor little Maggie on her back.  It might not have been so bad, but it was right into a mudpuddle, so poor little girl was not only wet but also covered completely in mud.  Too bad we did not have our camera this weekend.  After we got over the original scare it was quite funny.  It took her an hour to dry off lying in the sun, and then we plunked her in the bathtub once we got home.  Still not sure we got all the sand out, but she sure does shine. 

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