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Maggie's Third Week

Several interesting things happened this week.  Maggie had a great check-up.  Healthy as a puppy!  Weighs 18.5 lbs. 

At the lake, when I was taking Maggie and Koko for a walk, I decided to take a different path down to the water than the girls.  So not more than a minute later when I came out on the other side of the bush and asked Koko where Maggie was, she had no idea.  She was more interested in which way we were going to go next than where her granddaughter may have wandered off to.  When I went back through the bush where Koko had come down to the water and saw no sign of Maggie, needless to say I panicked.  Where was she?  Had she gone around the way I had, no.  Had she gone around and around? NO.  Oh boy I thought did an eagle or a seagull pick her up?  Nothing in the air!  How about a cyote?  No, even Koko would have barked at that. I yelled, and then YELLED.  NO MAGGIE.  Just some yelling back at me....I decided to walk back to the cabin and call in recruits.  ....And who should I find waiting for me there but Maggie.  Not worried at all, she had found her way around sand banks, and corners, and twists in the trails, back to the cabin all by herself.  I was SO HAPPY.

Maggie has continued to bond with her canine and human family. Or so I thought given that Maggie will share her food with Koko.  But given the above I am not sure Koko is bonding with Maggie. Well you can check out the pictures under "2011Kassey's Clan Updates".


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