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Hard to believe that it has been a year since Kassey's puppies were born!  What a night that was.  Kassey started labour at midnight and the first puppy was not born until 4 am.  And then at 8:30 when we had five puppies we cleaned everything up and started to rest up.  But what should happen at 9 am but out came BIG GREEN!  He was half grow up already so no wonder he took so long to come out!


It has been quite a year.  First we had to find the puppies GOOD homes, and if you look at the photos we have received from some of our homes, you know that a few of our puppies are doing GREAT!  We are still sad that Little Green left so early, but sometimes accidents happen.  And we know how fast these puppies are now that they are almost full grown. 

We continue to be amazed at how intelligent our Maggie is.  And her love of walks, other dogs, and all people is unsurpassed.  She can be sleeping on my feet one moment, and going 100 kph (or so it seems) if food is present, people come over, or walks are mentioned.  She is a bit taller than Kassey and Koko but is still as skinny as a rail.  We expect her to start filling out and be at adult weight by eighteen months. While she has a very soft mouth, and has a good nose for finding things, as for retrieving we just do not know.  She usually gets to whatever we are throwing first, but then she drops it and lets Kassey bring it back?!!!  (Is she smart or lazy?)

Well I look forward to our next year with our Three Chocolate Clan members, and hope that all our Puppy families are enjoying their Clan members!


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