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Puppies are Going to their Forever Families

WEEk EIGHT IS HERE! It is a celebration for our Forever Families as they finally get to take their pup home.  For us it is a celebration as we know are pups are healthy and ready to go. But it is also incredible sad  as we miss these little guys.  The thumping of feet, the squeals, and the coos as they play, these are the sounds we miss.  Even as we downsized to seven, we could tell there were fewer.

We were very excited on Monday to send our first two pups to go, all the way to Newfoundland. Tucker (blue stripes) and Stanley (teal squares) were put onto a cargo plane in Calgary and flew all the way to St. John's. We wish them and their new families well.

Also on Monday, we took down Rusty (blue paws) to his forever home in Calgary. There was to have been a big snow fall over the next few days, and it just didn't seem right to challenge Rusty's new Dad to have to come up to Lacombe two days later.  So good luck to Rusty as he becomes his Dad's new hunting buddy!

For some of you, I just want to reiterate how important it is that the pups stay with us until they are eight weeks old (at least).  As Maggie has been weaning them, she has also been playing with them and disciplining them. It just happens that the three pups that left on Monday were our biggest and/or most dominant.  Maggie had already spent time disciplining them.  So without them around she can now find some time for the rest of the clan.

I am still going to collect the pictures and videos that we captured over the past week or so and put them online.  I know you will be busy with your new pup, but you might like to see how little they used to be, and how funny they were!

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