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Once in awhile, I need to take time to say some really positive things about our girls.  This Thanksgiving, I am giving thanks that all three are doing well. 

We got Koko through the summer by giving her two benadryl in the morning, and another two in the evening.  This dosage has kept her summer-time allergic reaction to a minimum.  She has lost most of her hair again this summer.  But no infections.  And no pancreatitis.  All and all she has had a great 14th summer.

Kassey is finally growing some hair on her tail.  She still looks like a pointer.  And it is amazing how strong the tail she has remaining is.  She had absolutely no trouble with swimming this summer.  Still as game as ever to go for walks and go for ball throwing in the lake.

Maggie is settling down in her age one year.  She loves to point.  When we are at the lake, she will point ducks, sticks, anything that is on the water.  If I let her, she will go out to try and retrieve them, but so far has only brought back the sticks. She loves water even more than Kassey.  Or perhaps it is just an age thing, as Kassey ages she is getting more like Koko.  This summer Koko found bliss by going out on the pontoon boat.  She can be on the water, but does not have to be in it.  With no hair, and a body full of arthritis being wet is no longer for her.

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