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Thanksgiving 2011

Well we have had quite a couple of weeks with our new and old clan members.  Maggie has finished her puppy classes and is now roaring to success in her "Fly-Ball" classes.  This girl can run!

The week before last I took Koko into the vet as Koko was not eating. Dr. Cindy said to give her one more try on liquid food.  Koko was then lapping up her expensive Z/D wet dog food, that was now further watered down in the blender.  But then this past week she declined further (vomiting and pooing in the house) and would not even eat the wet pureed food.  Our whole human family took her to the vet.  And Dr. Cindy said, "Oh she has old dog disease".  What?  Sure enough this causes nausea and loss of coordination.  (Oh that was why she was stumbling around.  It was not a stroke.)  Also known as idiopathic vestibular disease, it can have acute onset and resolve itself in 7 to 14 days.  And for the nausea, we give her "Gravol". Our old girl who is now down to about 55 lb and looks skinnier than Kassey, can eat all she wants (but nothing fatty as she is now prone to pancreatitis).


AND now we can add another disease onto "Did you know that dog's can get?"  ONCE again we are thankful that we have a vet named Dr. Cindy Nowle who is willing to suggest alternative treatments, and recognize "new" issues.  So although it is chilly out we will take a few more walks to celebrate our Chocolate Clan.

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