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The 2024 litter is underway

After two weeks in Saskatchewan, we hoped Abbey would be caught. But it is always a question for these maiden bitches. But being covered by a male is usually much more successful than Artificial Insemination. But on January 10, we took Abbey in for an ultra-sound and her pregnancy was confirmed. And Dr. Laurel was able to see 3 embryos in one shot so while we do not know how many or what set, we at least know that a c-section should not be necessary. I booked an x-ray for January 25, so we can get a better idea of possible pup numbers. As well because Abbey was receptive to the male over a ten day period it is possible she either had a split cycle or may have ovulated twice. In the latter case we may have quite a difference in pup sizes, as the whole gestation period is only nine weeks. It also may affect whether we opt for a c-section if the pups have not arrived before a certain date.

I am also trying to learn WIX. I guess I should have been on here long ago, but nothing like the pressure of having the pups imminent arrival to force me to learn. Also I now have a 32 inch monitor, so finally can use my progressives and actually see the screen.

Anyway to make this a little more visually appealing and try my hand at inserting pictures I am going to try to add two pictures of Abbey. One showing how big her tummy is getting, and the other showing how Hope is doing her part to protect her nieces and nephews by lying on Abbey.

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