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The Dilemma

Well Koko went for her bi-annual wellness visit the week before last.  She had a great check-up for a 13.5 yr old Lab. Dr. Cindy thought she was looking much better than in the spring, as she has put on some weight and has had a good summer of going for walks. 

However, she has a few bumps and lumps.  So Dr. Cindy did a needle aspiration on two of them.  As in all things, the one we were most worried about under her arm pit, turned out to be a lipoma (fat lump).  The one on her side has turned out to be a mast cell tumor.  This is the third time Koko has had this type of skin cancer, and both other times we had them removed. 

Our Dilemma now is whether to put Koko through another surgery to remove the one she has now.  Because of its location and Koko's benign personality at having things done to her (needle biopsy's done on the examining table with just me holding her), Dr. Cindy thinks she can excised this lump with just local anesthetic. I guess if we were to consider the cost (about $600) one would wonder why we would even be considering the operation.  When we consider her age, 13.5 yrs, she is well over the average lifespan of 12 yrs for a lab.  Even with surgery, really how much time does she have left with us?

Well we have decided to go ahead, but we are still wondering if it is the right decision.  Let's hope it all goes well.

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