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The Fall

Hard to believe the difference one day can make.  On Wednesday I took Koko into the Vet, as she was not eating and was lethargic.  For Koko these were signs that all was not well.  But Cindy said, let's give her one more try by just watering down her canned food and seeing how it goes.  So home I go with $$$$ worth of canned food (liver pate to the educated palate), and start pulverizing it in the blender.  And wonder of wonders, she started lapping it up.  By Thursday she was her happy old self.


Yes, she has lost a lot of weight and is down to 56 lb (from her usual 65 to70 lb).  I only have her up to three cans a day (although they recommend 4 cans to get her weight up a bit). But there is no use forcing the issue and causing her to start upchucking again.:)

So the question now is:  what is causing all this?  Is it just that she is old?  Is there something stuck in her throat?  Her blood work and lower body X-rays over that past month have given us no idea of what is wrong with the old girl.  

I must say there were a lot of tears in my eyes on Wednesday.  But she is doing okay now.  Sure she does not have the energy of Kassey, and can't sprint like Maggie, but she went for walks this evening and enjoyed herself. At least for this weekend, I think she will be fine.

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