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The first week 2004

Well there we were with 6 girls and 4 boys ranging in birth weight from 5.5 oz up to 14 oz.  From what I had read 12 oz seemed to be a normal  birthweight for labs.  So half the litter was normal or over, and half the litter was underweight, especially our 5.5 oz girl.  And then we had Koko who looked at all these puppies and seemed to say "What NOW?".  And then her maternal instincts clicked in and she did not move from the whelping box, except for short walks, for the next week.  She fed and cleaned and was a great Mom.  And as for the 5.5 oz girl, she turned out to be a great little puppy, and by eight weeks had almost as big as the rest of the litter (except for those last two boys whose birth weights of 14 oz. seemed to always mean they were BIG.)   Lesson 3: Maternal instinct is an amazing process.  Koko knew exactly how to care for her puppies. She took amazing care of them. What would we have done if she hadn't been able to take care of them? There still was a lot of work involved in supplimentary feeding of the little guys and in making sure the pen was clean and warm.  But it was nothing compared to the amount of work there would have been if we had had to feed all ten!   AND THEN the our work really began.....   Flash version 9,0 or greater is required You have no flash plugin installed Click here to download latest version .    

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