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The Litter Wrap Up

Our 2011 litter is always going to be the one between the floods.  Yes, our basement flooded again this year.  We have moved all our life back up to one floor of the house, with the joy of now having not just two, but three dogs underfoot.  So we salvaged the dog food and will cope as best as we can.

The litter registrations were all wrapped up in July.  It was my first time using the on-line registration system with CKC.  As there was a postal strike on in June, I thought it would speed up the process.  So all went well except for purple girl, who defaulted to me as the owner.  Sent off the correction and just got the official document for her new owners.  So now I can get it to them and the 2011 litter will be pretty well wrapped up.

So our little girl is growing by leaps and bounds.  She has had all her vacinations for this year and now weighs 13 kg.  She is also loosing her baby teeth and getting those permanent ones.  There is hope yet for our winter boots!  Both Kassey and Koko were in puppy classes by 5 months, but poor Maggie is being left to learn from the old pros.  Perhaps soon we will get life re-organized and be able to take in some training.



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