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The Puppies are Three Weeks Old

We can hardly believe that three weeks has passed already.  Except these puppies have outgrown their pool. We have put down some thick plastic and moved them into a larger area in the family room. They seem to really like the space. They can now sleep on bedding, in a crate, or on paper if they want to.  Some of them seem to get that peeing and pooing on the bedding is not acceptable, and they are actually walking over to the paper section to do their business. How smart is that! While most are more interested in Mom still than puppy food, they are at least all trying it out.  That reduces the demands on Mom who is getting pretty skinny already, even though she is being fed every two to three hours.

So for all our puppy families, please make arrangements to come and see them sometime starting October 18. They are so cute you are going to want to take them all home with you! We are asking that you take off shoes, wash hands, and be prepared to be peed on. If you are exposed to unvacinated dogs, we ask that you not touch these puppies as diseases such as parvo can devaste a young litter.

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