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The Puppies go to the Vet

Besides turning 6 weeks old last week, our puppies also went to the vet, and Dr. Cindy Nowle checked them out.  Please see Day 42 for pictures of the puppies at the vet.

So when I send the puppies to their "forever homes", I will be sending them with a portofolio from our "Lacombe Veterinary Centre". It will include their Health Record as well as lots of information about your puppy, medical insurance, spaying/neutering, etc. 

When it comes to the health record you will find your pup's microchip number on the front page.  Don't loose this, as this is how you find your pup if he/she should ever get lost and found by someone else. So at six weeks on December 6, 2017, our pups got their first shot that included distemper, hepatitis (CAV-2), parainfluenza, and parvoviris using Vanguard Plus 5. To be effective the pups need their next booster shot before they are 12 weeks (3 months) old. At that time they will also be old enough for their first rabies shots.  So while the little guys and gals have started their innoculation journey, it has just begun. So exposure to other dogs that may not have their shots is not recommended: so for now avoid spots where lots of dogs congregate, including dog parks, post office boxes, and hydrant poles.

We had dewormed the pups at two and four weeks with strongid, so on December 7 we moved to Hearguard that has a larger spectrum.  We will repeat the Heartguard on December 21. The pups were also weighed, had their temperatures taken, their lungs and hearts checked.  They were all clear. Also Dr. Cindy felt no hernias and all their joints seemed to be working freely.  The boys all had two testicles. 

While the pups were clear of any ear mites, when daughter Sarah came home on Saturday she brought Grace (Maggie's sister) and two kittens home with her.  We took the kittens in for their first shots on Monday, and discovered they had ear mites.  So when we checked, Grace has them too. So everyone got treated with Revolution: kittens, Grace, Maggie, Kassey, and the ten pups.  It was quite the process as each pup had to be separated from the others and Maggie for at least a half hour to allow the solution to dry. We do not believe there was any transmission of mites to the pups, but when you take them for their first vet check up you may want to mention it.  The earliest you would re-treat is one month from December 11. We are not going to retreat Maggie or Kassey or Miss Silver, but are going to retreat Grace and the kittens (Monster and Cali). Revolution is a selmectin topical solution used for control of fleas, ear mites, sarcoptic mange mite, ticks, hearworm and roundworm disease.  These pups are not going to have any parasites on or in them!!!

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