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Vet sees eight new pups

Abbey went in to have an x-ray today. An x-ray gives an idea of how many pups we should expect. Also as Abbey was in standing heat for 10 d, we were not sure if she had a split cycle or ovulated twice. Well don't know if this X-ray told us why Abbey was receptive for so long, but all the pups look at about the same stage based on calcification of their bones. The vet was able to count 8 skeletons. (They count heads, attached to ribcages.) Not sure I could see that many, but eight is a nice number for a first litter. Also met a possible lead for a forever family, so that was nice that someone thought Abbey was a nice girl and would like a pup from her.

I will attach the 2 x-rays that were taken. I forgot about fasting Abbey so she has a lot of poop and gas in these x-rays. Anyway, here is your first look at Abbey's 2024 litter.

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