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Week 1: Kassey's 2011 Litter

My week in review seems to have evaporated so I'll post it again. 

It is amazing how fast the first week with these puppies has gone by.  Kassey had a difficult whelp that lasted from midnight to nine in the morning.  A lot of labouring with no puppies although their actual births were quite easy for her. It was also surprising in the number of actual puppies born (seven versus the five Dr. Hubbard had told me to expect).

She transposed from a startled to a nervous to a content mother in a matter of days.  She is even going for walks, although is always quick to see how her puppies are doing once back in the house.  She is now longer eating in bed, although still needs to be able to keep an eye on everyone while eating.

The puppies have almost doubled in weight.  Although their ears and eyes are still closed, they are all trying to do push ups onto their legs.  And with their growth they have started to develop puppy bellies, that wonderfully smooth newborn skin on their bellies.

A few have taken exception to the use of nailpolish on their paws.  Blue boy and Magenta girl seem to have the most sensitive noses so far.  As soon as their necks grow a bit more, we will move to collars not paint.

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