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Week 3

Exhaustion.What a week. Hope developed Diahrea and vomiting. She would not eat. We had to rule out infections to her mamary glands and uterus, as there are so many possibilities with a new Mom. Luckily, her blood work and x-rays came back clean, so the the vet decided that the answer to her diahrea and vomiting was colitis. So we had to cut her back from 15 cups of puppy food a day, to a mixture of rice and wet I/D (Hill's). We fed 1/2 a cup ten times a day. Small meals, but lots of them. After three days we gradually increased the amount of I/D to rice. After 5 days we began substituting the rice with puppy food. The good news is she has milk and is trying to feed her puppies.

And what a week it has been for the puppies. They continue to grow and thrive. Eyes are wide open. They are eating gruel. They can hear now. And I have decided to paint ears as the paint on their paws is not sticking (new formulas I suppose). Soon enough they will fit those collars.

Pups eating gruel Day 19

Hope not feeling well, Maggie checking the pups (Day 19)

Gold Girl with ears down, eyes open and using her voice (day 16)


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