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Week 3 was Busy

Setting up the whelping room went very well. But with the transfer from the pool, more and more work to keep the pups clean now goes to Dave and Me.  So we have been busy.  As well we have been introducing solid food and it has been a hit and miss learning experience.  Our two blue pups need no help in learning how to eat.  But we have a few smaller pups that are a little slower at picking it up.  They also were a little slower getting their teeth.  Yes that is right, our pups now have razor sharp teeth and are starting to bite toes and one another.  Nothing is safe from their jaws.

Another big thing is getting their collars.  For those of you who have been following the pups so far here is the list of who's who.

The Girls

Miss Pink Rear is now Miss Harley Pink

Miss Pink Right is now Miss Reflective Heart Pink

Miss Red Left is now just Miss Red

Miss Purple Right is now just Miss Purple

The Boys

Mr. Blue Right is now Mr. Blue Stripes

Mr. Blue Left is now Mr. Blue Paws

Mr. Green Right is now Mr. Teal Squares

Mr. Green Left is now Mr. Teal Diamonds

Mr. White is now Mr. Silver

Mr. Yellow, was Mr. Black for awhile, and now is Mr. Camo

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