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Week 5

Best week ever. The first week the pups got to go outside. And the weather was so cooperative: warm. And then the pups also got to meet some of our forever families. I do not like to take pictures of our families due to internet privacy and safety of the pups as they move out into the world. Therefore there are fewer pictures on visitor days (Like Days 30 and 31). As well I am finding that by doing the live-feed on Facebook, I am not picking up the camera as often to take static pictures. So for those families who want more pictures, especially of specific pups, please let me know and I can do Photoshoots of the pups.

The first day outside was pretty stressful for the pups. They were kind of hesitant at first. As well because of the gating, the pups could see Mom, but just not get to her. We did try the pool, but it just did not keep Orange contained once he got used to it again. So First week outside visits were contained by the corral. (see photos starting on Day 29)

I do try to remove collars every night. Without supervision, it is just a safety issue. Don't want any of the pups to get tangled up in something, or with each other. Although they have pretty good vocal capacity now, and I am sure I would be up in a minute, it is just something I do. Therefore the ears are still being painted so we can tell who is who. And despite our efforts to feed them all the same, Pink, Yellow and Mauve are still our little ones, and Green and Orange the Big ones (see photo on Day 35 for weights). The pups were being pretty active so these weights are not that highly accurate. Still it tells us that the pups are gaining weight. The weights are about the same as our 2019 litter when we fed Purina ProPlan (large breed rice and chicken, the same as this year), but slightly lower that probably reflects Hope's milk production. Hope has been a very attentive Momma, but there is no doubt that having to reduce her calorie intake due to the Colitis, has affected her output. The pups are much lighter than our 2017 litter when we fed Acana Large Breed Puppy. Hope was a 2017 litter pup, so even having a higher weight in the beginning, has not affected her adult weight, of about 55 lb.  While we have been trying to reduce the moisture in the kibble, the pups are not very enthused about it. So we are keeping it moistened for now.

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