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Week 5

Wow the time is flying with this litter.  It has been an exciting week. We started with some lovely weather so the pups got introduced to the great outdoors. They have been out three times so far. Yesterday it was 1C so was quite a shock for them, but they still enjoyed it. But the time outside was only 20 minutes before they were getting cold and it was time to bring them back inside (we were getting cold too).

Two important milestones this week. The pups began drinking water. So now we can decrease the amount in their food (gruel), and get them onto dry kibble. The second milestone was they began to play with one another. Well perhaps it could be called fighting, but really it is recognizing each other and interacting.

As Maggie cuts back on the times she is in the nursery, and feeding them, the pups are eating all the food we are putting out. We have decided to transition them onto Purina Pro-Plan Large Breed Puppy food. We have always had good success with it, and it should be easily available at all pet stores. We will keep Maggie and Hope on the Canadian Naturals Lamb and Rice, as Maggie has that food allergy to chicken (a very common allergy in older dogs due to the presence of chicken in most dog foods). Once she is no longer lactating (has the litter weaned), we will be able to change the diet to an adult large breed formula that does not contain chicken.


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