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Week 5 Already

Where has the time gone?  We have been so busy the past two weeks.  First we opened the nursery up to the hallway so the pups would have a bigger play area.  Also it funnels them to the outside, so starting this past weekend with weather on the plus side of freezing we got them outside.  Not for long, but at least they have seen the sky.  And then we opened the nursery up to "Forever Families". And what a wonderful group of people to come and visit the pups.  So there is no need to worry about these little guys and gals never seeing people, because they have come in all shapes and sizes. Thank you to all who have applied.  Although we had a flurry at the start, there were a few weeks there when we were wondering where our homes were going to be. Then this past week, it has been difficult keeping all the requests and applications straight. So this weekend, I will take some time and get them all straightened out and our last homes approved.

The pups are so big now, Maggie stands to feed them.  What a hoard! The pups have also learned to drink water.  No fear there. And our upper hallway is now a play and crash area!

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