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Week 6

Okay, where has the time flown. The pups are really growing, especially feet and noses (see Teal's nose below). They were starting to escape from the nursery with just the board up, so we expanded it to include the hallway.  It gives them some room to run as well. They have been going outside, and getting visitors. A friend even took a couple over to the extended care at the hospital, where they were a real hit.

One of our families continues to visit which is great as all our other families are at great distances. These pups are going from one side of Canada to the other. We have five famlies signed up for pups (plus us?!?), so just 2 boys and 2 girls need to find forever homes.

They are a lot of work now. I have been trying to get them use to different types of flooring, but they got to the carpet in the living room all on their own....well maybe big sister Hope knocking down the babygate had a small part to play in it. They love the bathrooms. We are keeping it at 21C in the house with a heat lamp in their room, but they are not having any problems going outside (so long as it is 10+C)....this morning at least 5 of them made it down the back steps all on their own. So many big adventures still in store for them.

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