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Week 8

The Vet

Yes, going to the vet was our big accomplishment in week 8.  Ten puppies into the car, and off to the vet.  Dr. Cindy Nowles did the examinations and vaccinations (See pictures below). Chelsey did the microchips. All the pups did amazing.  Hardly a peep out of them. And except for a few minor excitement pees on the towels,  they did really well of not making the place a mess. Blue also discovered treats.  Yes he almost didn't leave the table because they kept giving him treats:D. So the pups got their first vaccinations at almost 8 weeks (October 15) and they will need their next two sets of vaccinations at 12 and 16 weeks (3 and 4 months). For all our puppy families please check with your vets and get your pup booked in for these follow-up vaccinations.  If you miss the window, you will have to start over.

Going Home

And of course now that they are eight weeks old, vaccinated and microchipped, the pups have started going to their forever homes. Friday was a big day for us all as the first pups started their forever journeys. We wish their families all the best and of course the pups a lifetime of good health and great adventures.

And while some are leaving, we still have one little guy looking for his forever home (See top picture).  Some are waiting for travel arrangements. And we are planning of keeping one little girl for our own.

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