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Week 9

Generally we don't post a week 9 blog, as all the pups but the one we have kept have gone to their forever homes. This time has been different as three of our pups have stuck around a bit longer as we arrange transportation to BC and Nfld. As well it was a slow selling litter, and we had our Golden Boy to find a home for, which we did. Yeah, all the pups but Green Girl will be going to forever homes. Teal, Harvey and Tucker left last Friday. Tikka left on Saturday morning, and in the afternoon we met two families, one in Castor to pick up Charlie, and one in Calgary to pick up Libby. We have been down to 4 pups this week and were all a bit sad, especially Maggie.

So the next step is to gt the litter registered and the pups registered. Due to a computer update with the Canadian Kennel Club, all registrations have been postponed until November 4. So as soon as the litter registration arrives I will be asking our Chocolate Clan Families for their preferred registered names.  There has been about a 30 character maximum to names so in the past we have just added the call name to the litter name, which in this case would be Maggie's Chocolate Clan. Since this is her third litter, there may be some duplicate names, and we may have to come up with something different.  In that case I suggest our kennel name Mekokama and then the call name. We have had some great suggestions come in and I look forward to learning them all.

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