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Week six

Our boys and gal had an exciting week. People continue to come and visit and select those last three boys.  People continue to come and visit their selections as well.  So GREAT to have the interaction. We seem to have recovered from the bout of diarhrea.  I kept Maggie on them for an extra week, so now we have to start the weaning process.  It should be a bit easier, as the other big event that took place this past week was moving from the basement den,

to the garage. It's a space where even the adult dogs have space, and gives the little guys both a new sleeping area and a much larger poo, pee, and play area. As well the access to the outside is better and we can get them out a few times a day. It does not mean they will be potty trained, but it is a beginning. More pictures of the puppies under Day 42,

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