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Wrapping up the litter

After all the pups but Abby had been sent to their new homes, we took a week off to rest.  My full intention on returning home was to get the last of the puppy pictures posted, and give an update on registrations with the Canadian Kennel Club. But then the most horrific thing happened. Tucker was lost at 12 weeks old. Further investigation has led us to believe he was stolen. As sad as the latter is, at least it gives us hope that perhaps Tucker is living his puppy life somewhere out there with a new family. And maybe someday, for some odd reason, he will be scanned, and his new family will return him to his First Forever Family.

So this is not to be a rant against the thievery that is occurring in central Alberta. But this is to be a reminder to all my families of the importance of keeping your pup and dogs safe. And to have a plan if your pup and dogs are lost or stolen. Have the following:


Pictures of your dog: front, side, standing, sitting, and any distinguishing features.

Make posters: and put them everywhere; schools, shopping centres, neighbours. Plaster them where-ever you can. Someone saw something.

Post it on the internet: kijiji and facebook; sadly for the latter there are hundreds of groups

Keep checking: get your information to local shelters, and do a weekly check-back. Shelters run on volunteers, so the person who took your information may not be the person who recovers your dog.

If possible: use that tattoo series I suggested on your bill of sale and get your pup/dog tattooed. A tat is a visible sign that is unique to your dog because so many chocolate labradors look alike. And it only takes about a week with lots of treats to teach a dog a new name, so don't count on a thief not to rename your dog.

Keep handy the following: your bill of sale, vet bills, grooming bills, and your registration. If you have to involve the police or a rescue organization, you will have to be able to prove that this is your dog. Memorize your microchip number: but do not post it, as it gives theives and scammers power.

Let us know and we will try to help. 


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